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Looking Forward

The next three years will see improved services and outcomes for our member practices and patients, clinically led and evidence based, focused on local priorities and needs.

We will further improve and consolidate our member and clinical leadership and involvement, ensuring that we are able to effectively represent and direct the area’s planning and priorities, focused on Primary Care as the pivot around which other services are based.

We will do this through effective partnerships with other providers and commissioners, and work to influence local, regional and national policy in the interests of our member practices and patients. We will focus on maintaining long-term financial and organisational ability, and that our clinical leadership and representation is increasingly effective and respected.

Finally, we will ensure we stay true to our origins, meeting regularly with all members, remaining focused on local needs, remaining clinically led and driven, and placing improved outcomes for patients and member practices at the heart of all that we do.

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

All providers of NHS services are required to submit an annual WRES report and plan to ensure compliance. To view the WRES template and associated actions, please click on the following link(s)